FL Sunshine Sibs is a small luxury cattery located in Saint Augustine, Florida. Our breeding cats and kittens are raised and loved in our home with our family and small children. Our family suffer from allergies, eczema, asthma and are extremely allergic to cats. Owning a pet has been difficult until we came across the Siberian breed. Since owning this breed we have had no issues with our allergies or flair ups. We carefully plan and research the Siberian bloodlines that we are using in our breeding program to not only have amazing looks, personality and health but also to be successful for other families with severe allergies to be able to enjoy a Siberian of their own! Fur samples from our cattery can be mailed out upon request.

Our breeding cats come all the way from Europe and we are very confident with all of their bloodlines to have great health and longevity. You can easily access each parents bloodline right here on the website. Showing and breeding cats requires a lot of time, commitment and responsibility so for that reason we plan a few litters per year.

Our Siberians are known to be very friendly, sweet and affectionate. You will not have any issues with our kittens being too shy as they will have already adjusted to the sounds of a busy house and have been well socialized to fit right in with your family! You will find your fur baby to be super loving and loyal towards you!

Siberians get a long with other pets and do great with children. Our children can do pretty much anything to our Siberians and they would never hurt them. Ours sleep with us, they love playing games, including fetch, running through tunnels, jumping in ball pits and chasing bubbles!

For almost 95% of people with severe allergies towards cats, the Siberian breed have the least amount of FEL-D1. All cats produce this protein through their saliva then clean themselves, spreading the protein through their fur which is what causes allergies for people who are allergic to cats.

We are very cautious to maintain a disease free cattery. All of our Queens & Studs are tested free from FELV (blood test), FIV (blood test)

Our cattery is fed a mixture of dry, wet & raw holistic food, additional vitamins and supplements are given to help keep their immune system strong and healthy leading to be able to produce healthy, happy and beautiful kittens!

We previously owned a pet boutique, and managed a pet store that specializes in holistic pet foods and natural remedies.We are very experienced in the industry so if you ever have any questions about your pets nutrition we would be happy to help!

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