Pet Kitten Pricing

*Payment plans are available*


allergy fel-d testing and spay/neutering with your kitten is available for an additional cost

Our kittens are priced to offset the price increase and many expenses that occur during covid such as importing fees and vet visits etc. Setting our cattery apart from others we offer allergy fel-d testing on kittens. We also offer to spay/neuter. We do many special testing on our adults and kittens, feeding top quality holistic foods, kitten supplies and the list truly goes on! We choose to breed responsibly and raise these kittens with excellent care from the moment they enter this world.

We understand that buying a new kitten is a big investment. When searching for a new kitten, you should consider seeing it as an investment over the next 15 plus years that they will be a part of your family. We carefully research the bloodlines of all the queens and studs used in our cattery. We look for bloodlines of great health and have maintained a disease free cattery! We love the Siberian breed and want to preserve these wonderful pets and meet the true standard of this breed!

For families who are not able to pick up your baby local to us here in Saint Augustine, FL we can offer to hand deliver at your convenience to your home or your local airport for an additional cost ( flight for 2, standard pet flight is $125, hotel fee, we only deliver on weekends for a minimum of 2 nights. Our daily travel fee is $250 per day that includes gas, airport fees and for our time. We travel in a pair of two for our safety. If you prefer to fly to us, our closest airport is JAX and our travel fee is $60 to our airport.

What your kitten comes with:

  • Kitten Fel D1 testing is available
  • Kittens parents are all DNA tested for 40+ genetic disease, plus blood type, along with traits and genetic diversity.
  • Kittens parents are PKD & HCM tested free
  • Kittens can be spayed or neutered before going home
  • Kitten litters and parents are registered through TICA. Kittens papers will have ''not for breeding/showing''
  • Kittens come with a contract and a 1 year health guarantee against any heredity and congenital disorder
  • Kittens come with health insurance for 30 days, active as soon as they leave the cattery
  • Kittens come microchipped
  • Kittens come with RCP & Leukemia Vaccines
  • Kittens come d-wormed against parasites such as round worms, hookworms, tapeworms, whipworms, giardia, & coccidia
  • Kittens are tested free of FELV/FIV
  • Kittens have a fecal test, guaranteed to be parasite free!
  • Kittens are guaranteed to be flea, tick and mite free!
  • 1 Month Revolution Topical Preventive
  • Kittens will come with a health certificate issued from our licensed vet
  • 1st kitten complimentary visit with our local vet in Saint Augustine ,FL
  • Kittens will be fully socialized with a bubbly personality!
  • Kittens will be fully litter trained
  • Kittens milestone photos and updates will be delivered throughout the process
  • Kittens will receive their first kitten bath, nails trimmed & filed and a tooshy sanity trim
  • Kitten folder with important knowledge for keeping your kitten healthy throughout the years!
  • Kittens will come with a starter pack including their food, favorite toys and a personalized gift from us!
  • most importantly, Kitten families will come with a lifetime support from us. We will always be there for you with any questions you have along the way!