After filling out the form below, review and sign our contract then a non refundable deposit of $250 is due to reserve a kitten & to be placed on the reservation list below.

We contact future owners on the list below to notify when new kittens are born. The choice to claim a kitten from the litter or choice to pass and wait on a future kitten will be given. I will go down the list in order to be fair with all who have been waiting patiently for a kitten.

$250 non refundable deposit can be made by paypal and the final balance of $1750 must be made when the kitten turns 8 weeks old unless a payment plan has been made. Contracts must be signed before joining the waitlist.

*We have the right to observe and keep any kittens for our breeding program.

*We are giving the estimate time frames on due dates for litters but they are not guaranteed. Also, we can not guarantee how many kittens will be born in a litter so to be fair to everyone on the list below names will go in order on the list.


*We have approximately 6 queens who will have spring & summer litters. The average litter is 4-6 kittens per litter.*

*Sometimes your name on the list can bump up sooner on the list as a lot of families choose to skip/pass on a litter.

  1. Valentina- Spring 2021
  2. Tiffany- Spring litter 2021
  3. Andrew - Spring litter 2021
  4. Andrew - Spring litter 2021
  5. Mariana - Late Spring/Summer litter 2021
  6. Isabella- Summer litter 2021
  7. Zoe-Summer litter 2021
  8. Andrew L.- Summer litter 2021
  9. Sogol- Summer litter 2021
  10. Nicole- Summer litter 2021
  11. Kath- Summer litter 2021
  12. Pauline -Summer litter 2021
  13. Adena -Summer litter 2021
  14. Jennifer- Summer litter 2021
  15. kristen-Summer 2021
  16. Everlyn-Summer 2021
  17. Elissa-Summer 2021
  18. Adena-summer 2021
  19. Daniel-Summer 2021
  20. Daniel-summer 2021
  21. Stephanie-Summer litter 2021
  22. Ashley- Summer litter 2021

Next steps:

Please send the non refundable deposit of $25o through paypal using the link below then fill out the contract & questionnaire to be added to the kitten wait list.

The payment must be made through paypal. You must uncheck the box ''goods and services'' as it charges us fees. We will have to void the entire transaction if it's done that way.

Please review & sign the kitten contract on the menu tab above. You must fill this form out prior to being placed on the kitten reservation list.